Top tips for hiring a man with a van

If you are moving, you might think that hiring a Man and van is the cheapest option to promote your business to your new home.

It’s important to make sure you find all the information you need on the service that a person with a pickup will provide you. This person will move everything you have, so you must be sure that your goods will be delivered safely and will not be affected by hidden costs at the last minute.

Before you hire a Man and van for your home, we’ve got questions that you need to ask the person with the van you’re considering when moving to your home.

Reply with quote

Is it a fixed quote? Ask if the price the person has indicated to the pickup truck is a fixed price and does not increase when you can pay after the transfer. Make sure you know the additional costs that can be added, for example, fuel costs or waiting time.

How can I pay?

Find out if the price of your move will be on time, day or work. It’s important to know if your account will be billed in time, as if there were delays that could affect the cost of moving your things. Delays can include traffic issues to wait for the keys to the new property, which could mean that the price you pay is likely to increase.

Do you want to see my objects I need to move? To ensure that the vehicle and the appropriate crew are provided, a preliminary survey is an important factor in a successful working day. A preliminary survey will allow a person to see the amount of items needed to wear in your new home and give you the opportunity to know your needs.

The vehicle

  • Will the vehicle be used? You will be more confident that the engines will arrive with a vehicle big enough if the Man with a van carries out a preliminary inspection to evaluate the items to be moved.
  • Because of excess weight, the car can be removed from VOSA and then confiscated, so it is important that your items are not overloaded. You would also like to make sure the van is in good condition.
  • Will there be more than a home trip? This depends on the size of the vehicle. If you move locally, it may have some inaccuracies with the original.
  • It may be difficult to make several trips, but make sure that this is taken into consideration in the quotation you received. If you are moving on long distances, it will be impractical, so make sure you know the logistics of the day’s work.

Move a team

How many people will work on my turn? If you move all the contents of a large home, the person and Man with a van may not be able to get you out of your current home on time.

Will the team be in uniform? You will want to feel comfortable with the moving team, because they take care of your belongings and will be in your house, and the uniform will help you ensure that the people who moved you represent society.

Additional accessories and services

Will protection cases be used? Professional leasing companies will use specialized equipment to protect your items during your trip. Find out what is available to Man with a van whether they will be used for your trip. Visit this site :